Abby was nothing short of amazing throughout my pregnancy and labor. I had a very negative experience during the birth of my first child and knew if I was going to have a second I would hire a doula. I chose Abby because she is kind, empathetic, inclusive, evidence-based, and knowledgeable. She helped me to feel more prepared for labor and when things did not go as planned, Abby was there to support me and my decisions. When I changed my mind several times about what I wanted during labor, Abby was always encouraging and reminded me this was my labor and my choices and feelings were valid and important.  She was also a great help to my husband, making him feel more at ease and not so alone in supporting me.  I have only wonderful and positive things to say about Abby. I highly recommend her and will be forever thankful for her services. 

S.F., 2023

We really enjoyed working with Abby as our doula. We liked her personality from the get-go. She was very good about setting up meetings with a lot of flexibility and willingness to meet at different places and times. She provided resources for us on things we had questions about regarding pregnancy and childbirth and was easy to contact. Having another person with us during the birth of our son with a calm energy and extra reminders of the different pain control techniques was very helpful. The postpartum meeting was nice too as she can provide lactation counseling. We would use Abby again in the future.

A.N., 2022

My husband and I picked Abby as our doula to assist with our hospital birth because of her calming energy and enthusiasm for care. I wanted a natural hospital birth and someone to assist with natural pain relief methods without putting all of the support pressure on my husband. My birth changed course to an induction and she helped me feel at peace with that change. She supported me in ways that I couldn't have verbalized needing. Thank you Abby!

L.H., 2019

You helped facilitate the most healing experience I've ever had. I appreciate you more than words can say. Thank you.

R.S., 2020

Abby was a wonderful doula and my husband and I are so grateful she was at the birth of our son. Abby was thoughtful throughout my pregnancy--she checked in with me frequently and throughout labor she was supportive without being overbearing. During and after a difficult labor experience she provided insight and comfort that both my husband and I needed to hear. We would highly recommend her!

B.W., 2019

At 3 days postpartum I know it still hasn’t fully sunk in how grateful I am for Abby being my doula just a short 3 days ago. Throughout my pregnancy Abby was helpful, supportive, and responsive to ALL my worries and woes! But the morning I woke up early and headed to the hospital Abby was there for me from the first text! I had a quick and dirty labor that was extremely uncomfortable but Abby encouraged and comforted me through each and every moment! My family and I are beyond thankful for Abby and her ability to support me through the birth of my third child! I would suggest Abby to anyone interested in a doula that could support and advocate for them!

E.B., 2019