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What does a consultation with me look like? 

This is a casual conversation where you have a safe space to ask anything you want about doula services and how they can enhance your birth experience. We can go over your birth plan, hopes, and fears and explore different options for a partnership.

If you decide we are a good fit, I will send you a contract for my doula services.

What is covered in our Doula Agreement?

Our contract is customized to fit your needs but includes key items to clarify my role in your care. The contract highlights that I do not provide medical care. I do not do medical procedures (cervical checks, blood pressure or vitals) or clinical procedures. This type of medical care is the responsibility of your OB, nurses and/or midwife team. My sole responsibility is to the “Birthing Person & Partner Team.” A common misunderstanding about doulas is that they advocate for their clients. As a doula, I help you advocate for yourself. I also will not “take over” for your birth partner. I’m there to fully support you and your partner throughout the birthing process.

I can’t wait to support you through your pregnancy and birth!